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                                    Creatine Monohydrate

                                    Calcium Cyanamide

                                    Poly(vinyl alcohol)

                                    Aminoguanidine bicar

                                    Calcium carbide

                                    Dicyandiamide Uses: This product is an intermediate for the synthesis of medicines, pesticides and dyes. It can be used to prepare guanidine nitrate, dye fixing agent, decolorizing flocculant, adhesive, fertilizer nitrogen corrosion inhibitor. Detail

                                    Cyanamide Cyanamide is an important pesticide intermediate. It can be used to prepare the fungicides carbendazim, benomyl, methastrobin, azoxystrobin, the insecticides Aphicarb, pyrimidinox, and the herbicides chlorsulfuron and metsulfuron , Mesulfuron-methyl, Tribenuron-methyl.. Detail

                                    Creatine Monohydrate Product description: pharmaceutical raw materials and health care products additives. It can inhibit the production of muscle fatigue factors, reduce fatigue and tension, restore physical fitness, accelerate the body's protein synthesis, make muscles stronger, enhance muscle elasticity.. Detail

                                    Calcium Cyanamide Uses: Used to make cyanide melt and cyanide, make Dicyandiamide, thiourea, also suitable for alkaline nitrogenous fertilizer, make pesticide carbendazim , Can be used as a metal heat treatment agent, can also be used to kill schistosomes, is an important organic chemical raw material. Detail

                                    Poly(vinyl alcohol) Detail

                                    Aminoguanidine bicarbo Uses: Widely used in medicine, pesticides, dyes and other fields. It can also be used as a synthetic raw material for color film, plastic foaming agent and detonating agent tetradura rate. Detail

                                    Calcium carbide Detail

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