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Introduction of the School of Southeast Asian studies
2015-05-22   审核人:

Formed in 2014 and officially established in January2015, School of Southeast Asian studies is one of the most characteristic of the ASEAN Institutes.  Some related professionals can be dated back to 1964 when Vietnamese and other professionals were offered. Now it already has 51 years of school history.


As non-universal language undergraduate training base(approved by the Ministry of Education in 2001), School of Southeast Asian studies now offers seven language studies including Vietnamese, Laos, Thai, Cambodian, Burmese, Indonesian and Malay. In 2000, the school obtained the master degree for Asian and African Languages and Literature. In 2005, Asian and African Languages and Literature became the key provincial Discipline of Guangxi University for Nationalities. In 2006, approved by the Regional Party Committee of Guangxi, the school was awarded as “Southeast Asian non-universal language translation training base”, aiming to promote Guangxi China - ASEAN Free Trade. In 2008, supported by Central Government of China and Guangxi Government, the school built the China - ASEAN language simultaneous interpretation lab. In 2013, the school was awarded to a doctoral degree for Asian and African Languages and Literature.


The school now has 40 full-time teachers, including 7 professors, 9 Assoc. Professors, 13 teachers with a doctor degree. These full- time teachers had studies in the ASEAN countries; Professor Fan Honggui, an expert enjoys special benefits of State Council and a Master Teacher of Guangxi, is famous for Southeast Asian Studies. The school has 681 full-time students, including 637 undergraduates and 44 postgraduates.


The school has set up 8 departments including Department of Vietnamese, Department of Laos, Department of Thai language, Department of Cambodian, Department of Burmese, Department o Indonesia, Department of Malay and Public Teaching Office of Southeast Asian languages, and 6 research centers including Institute of Southeast Asian, China - ASEAN Language and Culture Research Base, Guangxi Foreign Language Teaching Non-generic Research Center, Guangxi Research Center for Vietnam, Guangxi Research Center for Thailand and Guangxi Research Center for Malay.

The school has a Vietnamese Information Center, a Thai Princess Sirindhorn Center and an ASEAN Information Center.


For half a century, the college has made gratifying achievements in the fields of personnel training, scientific research, social services and cultural heritage.



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电话:0771 - 3262405  
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