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Project News │ Taikang Pharmaceutical electronic grade dicyandiamide project officially put into operation


On November 5, the electronic grade dicyandiamide project of Ningxia Taikang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation. Li Shaofeng, deputy director of the Park Management Committee of Pingluo County, Wei Yanhui, chairman of Ningxia Dadi Circular Development Co., LTD., Wei Tengjiao, chairman of Taikang Pharmaceutical, Fan Qinghua, general manager, Yao Zhanwen, Chief Financial officer, He Hualun, chief technical engineer and heads of departments participated in the project operation ceremony to witness this moment.




Electronic grade dicyandiamide is melamine content ≧99.8% dicyandiamide products. Using calcium carbide produced by Taikang Pharmaceutical as raw materials, the production of electronic grade dicyandiamide products with a wide range of applications and good market prospects, belongs to calcium carbide deep processing products, and its use is gradually expanding. It is mainly used in the production of copper clad plates in the electronic information industry, and can also be used as the inner coating of metal packaging, high-grade flame retardants and carbon fiber materials in the food and beverage industry.

In order to realize the production of electronic grade dicyandiamide as soon as possible, Taikang Pharmaceutical has overcome many difficulties such as epidemic tension and heavy tasks, and the main project promotion team, all departments actively cooperate and fully support, and timely provide water, electricity and other elements required in the production and construction process to ensure the progress. With the concerted efforts of all employees, the electronic dicyandiamide project infrastructure has gradually improved, the process technology has been upgraded again, and the equipment automation has been comprehensively improved, which can not only complete the production capacity of electronic dicyandiamide products with quality and quantity to meet the social needs, but also make new contributions to the development of Taikang Pharmaceutical and the promotion of corporate brands, and become a strong backing for brand market competition.

The electronic grade dicyandiamide project is put into operation, which is the further improvement of dicyandiamide industry chain technology, and as a booster, promotes the efficient and high-quality operation of Taikang Pharmaceutical's diversified industry, and focuses on promoting the diversified development of industry in an all-round way. Further strengthen the determination and confidence of all employees of the company, ensure output with efficiency, promote development with practice, and lay a solid foundation for the completion of the 2021 annual task objectives.

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