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Calcium Cyanamide

Calcium Cyanamide

Name: Calcium Cyanamide
English name: Calcium Cyanamide 
CAS No.: 156-62-7
Uses: Used to make cyanide melt and cyanide, make Dicyandiamide, thiourea, also suitable for alkaline nitrogenous fertilizer, make pesticide carbendazim , Can be used as a metal heat treatment agent, can also be used to kill schistosomes, is an important organic chemical raw material.
Properties: gray powder.
Packing: Net weight 1000KG plastic woven bag.
Main Item Index:

Total nitrogen content%≥


Available nitrogen%≥


Calcium cyanamide %≥


Free calcium carbide%≤


Residue on screen (80 mesh) %≤


Calcium Cyanamide wholesale manufacturer explains the synthesis method:

1. Crush the calcium carbide, infiltrate 1~3% fluorite or calcium chloride, mix it, heat it to about 1100℃ in a rotary kiln, and then react with nitrogen to produce the product.

Nitriding method crushes the calcium carbide and mixes it with fluorite and furnace lime. It is ground into calcium carbide powder by a ball mill, and then enters the nitriding furnace where it reacts with nitrogen at a high temperature of 1000℃. After 42 to 48 hours, calcium Cyanamide is formed. After being crushed and finely crushed by a tube mill, the finished product of calcium cyanamide is obtained.

2. First, the pure HCN is dried in a CaCl2 and P2O5 dryer, and then collected in a fully cooled receiver, the quantity is three times the theoretical amount. Bubbling nitrogen into the container (preferably mixed with some ammonia) to replace the HCN, and place a porcelain boat containing CaCO3 in the porcelain tube. When the temperature of the porcelain tube reaches 700°C or 850°C, HCN is introduced. The HCN receiver was heated to 18°C ??and heated for 3 hours to obtain the product.

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