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Product name: cyanamide

Molecular Formula: NH2CN

Structural Formula: 

CAS: 420-04-2

Molecular weight: 42.04

Cyanamide chemical name is cyanamide, colorless, deliquescent, orthogonal system crystal, melting point 450℃, in polar organic solvents such as lower alcohols, esters and ketones, solubility in non-polar solvents is small, solubility in water is very large. Cyanamide contains a cyano group and an amino group, both of which are active groups, and are prone to addition, substitution, condensation and other reactions. Cyanamide as a chemical raw material is widely used in the manufacture of fine chemical products, pharmaceutical raw materials and pesticide raw materials. 

Product Process:
The production process mainly adopts a lime nitrogen hydrolysis method, mother liquor or deep well water is pumped into a reaction kettle, carbon dioxide gas is introduced, lime nitrogen and water are slowly put into the reaction kettle according to a certain proportion, the temperature in the reaction process is controlled below 25 DEG C, the PH value is controlled below 8.5, hydrolysis and decalcification reactions are carried out, 15% Cyanamide mixed liquid is prepared, and the residue is removed by filtration. so as to obtain about 15 percent of Cyanamide liquid. After acid adjustment, evaporation and concentration were carried out to obtain 30% Cyanamide aqueous solution.


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