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Aminoguanidine bicarbonate

Product name: Aminoguanidine bicarbonate

Molecular formula: C2H8N4O3

Structural Formula: 

CAS: 2582-30-1

Molecular weight: 136.11

Aminoguanidine bicarbonate, also known as aminoguanidine bicarbonate, molecular formula CH6N4.CH2O3, white fine crystalline powder. Soft, almost insoluble in water, insoluble in alcohol and other acids, unstable when heated, and gradually decomposed when it exceeds 50℃. Used in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and dyes. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is mainly used to synthesize furanguanidine, pyripyrazole, ribavirin and propionamidizone, etc., and can also be used as synthetic raw materials for pesticides, dyes, photographic agents, foaming agents and explosives. 

Production process:
adding purified water into a reaction kettle, adding quantitative hydrazine hydrate aqueous solution, dropwise adding quantitative concentrated sulfuric acid, and then dropwise adding Cyanamide aqueous solution; filtering, transferring to a crystallizing pot, adding ammonium bicarbonate for reaction, separating, drying and packaging.


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